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Green Roofs Cool Roofs Might Be Enough to Save Cities from Climate Overheating This is an article from Scientific American that details how green roofs can fight against global warming.  
Green Roofs Green Roofs for Healthy Cities This website gives a lot of information about green roofs and how they can help any city.  
Green Roofs Green Roofs This is the Environmental Protection Agency's website all about the benefits and drawbacks of green roofs.  
Green Roofs NYC Green Roofs The NYC Department of Buildings has a few important pieces of information about how to go about installing a green roof.  
Organic Farming Organic Farming Research Foundation This website contains the answers to FAQ's about organic farming.  
Organic Farming Northeast Organic Farmer Association of NY Here you'll find a lot of reasons why to go organic and local.  
Edible Schoolyards & Offices Offices are Turning their Offices into Edible Gardens Here you'll find out about some companies that are allowing their employees to grow food and keep bees on their roofs.  
Edible Schoolyards & Offices Edible Schoolyard Overview This is the website of the organization we saw in the movie. Their goal is to turn schoolyards into gardens and to teach students how to grow their own food.  
Edible Schoolyards & Offices Edible Campus Gardens This is the University of Utah's website detailing their edible campus garden.  
Riker's Island Greenhouse Program The Horticultural Society of NY This website discusses the Horticultural Society of NY's greenhouse program for inmates in Riker's.  
Riker's Island Greenhouse Program Riker's Jail to Street Greenhouse Program This website explains how the greenhouse program can give inmates training for when they leave prison.  
Green Funerals Green Burial Council This organization gives a lot of information on green burials and the legal issues surrounding them.  
CSA's Green Harvest CSA This is Cristie's CSA!  
CSA's What is a CSA? This is from an organization called Just Food in NYC 
CSA's Community Supported Agriculture This website tells the advantages of a CSA.  
Composting Composting Guide Learn what to compost and how to use it on this site.  
Composting Composting 101 There is a ton of information there!  
Reforestation Reforestation This website gives reforestation facts and a case study of the Atlantic Forest. 
Reforestation USDA Reforestation This includes information from the United States Department of Agriculture.  
Reforestation Trees, Water & People I love this site. It has a lot of pics and info.  
Green Funerals "Green Burials" are on the Rise This article from the Washington Post details that more and more people want to be buried in a green way.  
Green Funerals Leave a Lighter Footprint; Green Funerals This website gives tips to anyone interested in a green funeral.  
Organic Farming USDA Organic Farming This is the United States Department of Agriculture's information on organic farming.  
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