Soil Organism Useful Links

Use these links as you research your soil organism for Mini Project #1.  
Please see Projects for guidelines.  

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Iowa State Soil Organism Videos  These short videos give some information about a number of soil organisms. Please wear headphones!  
Soil Organisms and Species  This site gives some general information and then allows you to click on specific soil organisms.  
NC State University-Soil Life  This is a short website, but it gives some good information about the numbers of soil organisms found in even a small amount of soil.  
The Secret Life of Soil  This website from Oregon State University discusses a number of soil organisms.  
Soil Life: Microbiology on the Farm  While this website only talks about a few soil microorganisms, it's got some great information.  
Soil Biological Communities  Use the menu at the left to find out more about bacteria, fungi, soil mammals, food webs, etc.  
Moles  The Internet Center For Wildlife Damage Management provides a large amount of information about moles.  
Functions of Soil Organisms  This chart explains the functions of a number of soil organisms within the soil.  
Soil Biology-United States Department of Agriculture  Use the menu on the left to look up bacteria, fungi, protozoa, soil food webs etc.  
Earthworm Society of Britian  Although this website comes from England, it's full of a lot of info. about earthworms.  
Two Surprising Critters Living in the Tiny World of Moist Soil  This is all about soil water bears and slime molds.  
Potworms  The happy D Ranch is a worm farm. This website gives some brief information on pot worms.  
What's in my Worm Bin?  This is a website dedicated to composting. It goes into detail about some of the organisms you may find in a compost bin and whether or not they're good for composting.  
The Garden Safari  Use the links at the left to find out about centipedes, millipedes, woodlouse, slugs, snails, etc.  
Rotifer  All about Rotifers!  
Soil Mite  All about soil mites!  
Garden Centipede  All about centipedes!  
Earth Worm  All about earthworms!  
Leopard Slug  All about slugs!  
Water Bear  All about soil water bears!  
North American Millepede  All about millipedes!  
Springtails  This website from the University of Minnesota gives a lot of info. about springtails.  
Earwigs  Learn about earwigs from Texas A & M University.  
Garden Good Guy or Bad Guy? - Earwigs  Are they good for soil or nah?  
Soil Fungi  The Natural Resource Conservation Service brings you this information about a number of soil fungi.  
Soil Bacteria  The Natural Resource Conservation Service brings you this info. on a number of soil bacteria.  
Arthropods  Arthropods are organisms that have an exoskeleton. Some examples that are discusses are spiders, centipedes, and mites.  
Diplurans This gives a great overview of Diplurans.  
Soil Algae There are a number of different types of soil algae discussed here.  
Soil Biological Communities Click the links in the menu on the left to find out about a variety of soil organisms.  
Pill Bugs Tons of info!  
10 Fascinating Facts on Pill Bugs Cool info about these soil creatures!  
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