Grades in Genetics are based on the following:

2 projects (lab reports) 

  • Lab Reports assess the skills and content of the unit.  
  • Please see the Course Overview for more details. 
  • Lab Reports also asses the following work habit standard:  Meets project deadlines
  • Classwork should be kept in your binder in the classroom.  
  • Classwork is graded every other week.  
  • Classwork updates will be given to the student and entered in Jumprope every other week.  
  • Classwork grades are included in the following work habit standard: Shows consistent effort in class
  • Homework is assigned every day.   
  • Homework is due the day after it was assigned. *will not be accepted 1 week after the due date  
  • Each homework grade is entered into Jumprope by unit and page number.   
  • Homework can be downloaded by visiting Class Work and Homework.  
  • Homework assesses various skill and content standards.   
  • Homework also assesses the following work habit standard:  Completes quality homework on time
2 mini projects (non lab reports)
Mini projects can include things like presentations, small research projects, etc.  
Unit Tests
  • A test will be given at the end of the unit.  
  • Tests cover the content and skills of the unit.  
Unit Quizzes
  • Quizzes are given periodically through the unit.
  • Quizzes may be announced or unannounced.  
Bi-Weekly Work Habits Reports 
Every two weeks students will be assessed on the following work habit standards:
  1. Arrives to class on time every day   
  2. Shows consistent effort in class (classwork binder)
  3. Contributes to a positive class environment                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

ESA Grading Scale

Honors 96-100%

Exceeds Standards 90-95%

Meets Standards 80-89%

Approaching Standards 70-79%

Incomplete Below 70%