Course Overview

This is an introductory course in Earth Science/Ecology.  The class will focus primarily on soil as an ecosystem, exploring topics such as how soil is formed, what lives in so
il, why soil is a necessary component of all ecological systems, and how to improve/conserve soil.  Students will be expected to follow the scientific method in order to design and carry out experiments in these areas and then use various Habits of Mind to interpret, analyze and evaluate their results.


The course covers the following content: 

What is soil? What are the properties of soil? What are its uses?

How is soil created? How is soil destroyed?  How can it be conserved?

How is soil necessary in a balanced ecosystem?

What interactions occur within soil to maintain a balanced ecosystem?


Students will have multiple opportunities to:

        ·       Observe – Students will use their senses to gather data.

        ·       Research – Students will use various sources to gather information.  

        ·       Design – Students will design experiments and identify variables.  

        ·       Hypothesize – Students will make predictions about outcomes.

        ·       Gather Data – Students will take measurements.

        ·       Analyze – Students will make claims about sets of data.

        ·       Use Evidence – Students will use data to support their claims. 

        ·       Evaluate – Students will propose revisions to their experiments. 

        ·       Present – Students will share their learning orally and in writing. 

        ·       Discuss – Students will participate in classroom discussions.

Work Habits

The course requires the following work habits:  

Shows consistent effort in class

Completes quality homework on time

Contributes to a positive class environment

Meets project deadlines

Arrives to class on time every day

Cristie Praeger,
Sep 28, 2014, 9:31 AM